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Thank you very much for your professional assistance and guidance with helping me sell my home in June of this year.

This was my first endeavor in selling a home, and I had many questions and unfamiliar with the process. You explained and guided me in ways appropriate for a person with my background and knowledge level. You made the process easier for me to understand facilitating the sale of my home. Your suggestions for making my home more saleable were a testimony to your many years of knowledge and experience. In addition to explaining the sales process and providing your skills as an effective negotiator, you also made sure the municipal requirements had proper addressing. You demonstrated this specifically, in the final phases of the sale of the house. Your good management skills lead to selling my house on the promised closing date. This benefitted all parties concerned. Based on the positive results of the sale of my home, I am certain others will benefit as well, and I encourage them to seek your representation.

Daniel D.

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